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VA Business Solutions holds professional membership/accreditation with the following organisations:

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Society of Virtual Assistents UKAVA

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We have formed strategic partnerships with many other suppliers / organisations in order to enhance the services we are able to offer to our clients and other Virtual Assistants.

We partner with Answer/Pure Jam to offer two types of efficient, cost effective call handling solutions.

DynamicTravelDynamic Travel provide specialist business travel solutions.

CintraWe partner with Cintra HR & Payroll Services to provide our clients with a fully integrated payroll solution. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

24/7 Uptime provides secure offsite data backup at less than £1 per Gb - no business can operate without data yet few small businesses remember to protect their data until a disaster such as fire, theft or computer crash occurs. Our offsite data backup is easy to install, use and retrieve data; is suitable for PCs, Macs, servers and all operating systems; all data is encrypted and stored in Manchester data centres for security. Try before you buy with our free 10 day trial - simply visit

24/7 Uptime also provides pro-active IT support contracts - automated IT support, including monitoring and "self fixing" software that resolves many issues without the need for any technician intervention at all, so cutting down on time intensive and "un-green" intrusive visits, improving a companies ongoing IT health and ensuring systems stay up and running on a more reliable basis. A proactive IT support service for companies with 5+ PCs.



We have put some resources together that we feel will be beneficial to our clients and other Virtual Assistants.

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VA Success Group

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If you don’t see the services or resources you are looking for please contact us as we may be able to help and may even consider adding it to this section of our website.


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